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Business Training


Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans


Build a Great Customer Service Organization

Train Your Staff in Industry-Best-Practice Consulting Skills


Deliver Projects On Time and On Budget


Build a Team of Effective Project Managers


Create High-Performance Teams


Empower Your Management

Communicate Effectively





Project Management Office


What percentage of your company's projects are delivered on time and on budget?  If you're answer is, "Not many," I can help you build the in-house skills and processes to plan, manage and deliver projects successfully, whether you are a company of 1 or 100,000.


Customer Service Run-Throughs


The majority of client experiences go bad after they've hung up with your staff, when they start to think about the conversation they just had.  I perform run-throughs of your client's touch points, to ensure your processes keep your clients happy throughout their relationship.



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